Publish time 2016-10-12 11:12    
  • Model No.: SAL-01

  • Exterior Dimension: 2255x1110x1290mm

  • Loading Capacity: 1500kg

Model SAL-01
External Dimension 2255x1110x1260mm
Internal Dimension 2080x1050x1140mm
Folded Height 295mm
Under Base 100mm
Loading Capacity 1500kg
Stacking of Full Pallet
4 high
Surface Finish
Powder Coated


  • The best storage & logistic handing solution for warehouse and transportation
  • Easily Fold and Open
  • Storage area significantly reduced
  • Multi level stacking up to 4 high
  • 4 Way forklift access & pallet truck entry
  • 2 Half drop gates

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